CINC Offers 3 Mobile Apps To Help You Run Your Business On-The-Go

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Our mobile video walks you through all THREE of CINC's free mobile apps! Watch now to learn more!

CINC Agent App:

  • Automated follow up and detailed lead info are just a tap away
  • Know your hottest leads and take action right away
  • Gain insight on your lead flow & quickly view a snapshot of your day
  • Reference and edit lead details whenever, wherever App (Branded App for Home Buyers)

  • Home Buyers can request appointments with you via the app
  • Keep your brand front and center so home seekers know who to call when they find their dream home
  • Easily store and manage all client communications in one place
  • Share properties instantly by pushing them to home buyers

Open Houses by CINC

  • Manage new leads without data entry
  • Learn more about your leads with basic questions like, "Are you pre-qualified for a mortgage?"
  • Automatically enroll leads into property alert emails and other communication plans